Saturday, January 28, 2006

Something Rotten.....

There is something intrinsically wrong with the statement "I start work on Sunday".
What's the deal with this 6 day week anyway?
Ok, so I will only be working part time, but that does not change the fact that when I am out on Saturday night I have to consider that I will be waking up early for work the next day and also will not be able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast on Sunday morning...walk in Bondi markets etc.
It's just plain WRONG!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Countdown to the Winter Ball

If you do not attend this year's Winter Ball then you will miss seeing my tan...and what a shame that would be!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Something Funny

It was brought to my attention here that my blog has been a bit humourless of late and so I thought I would write this amusing vignette just cause it was funny at the time and to take a break from my serious adventures of late.

I had gone out for a Sunday morning much-needed coffee, with a guy who I have been hanging out with recently. We were having a nice time, discussing the world’s problems and I mentioned the book Atlas Shrugged. He responded that it was interesting that I mentioned that book because his ex-girlfriend of two years ago (who I happen to be friends with) used to talk about it a lot.

We hung out a bit after the coffee lazying around Oxford St shops and when it came to saying goodbye the conversation went like this:

Him: Thanks for a lovely day _____(insert ex-girlfriend’s name here)
I give a look of disdain
Him: What? What’s wrong?
Me: Think about what you just said!
Him:….Oh…that wasn’t a Freudian slip
Me: Uh I think it was!
He tries to mumble an explanation
Me: Talk to the Hand
I gracefully lift my hand and place it in his face as I turn around and walk away

These mere males…what shall we do with them?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Adventure Continues...

My holiday is soon coming to an end and I am leaving the sunburnt country a little sunburnt. Returning to ‘the land’ all prepared and stocked with Metalicus clothing, Milo and deodorant that works. Looking forward to new and exciting adventures, like the Winter Ball, voting in the upcoming election, further travel and employment. I am not looking forward to the long flight back and the cold weather.

I seem to do goodbyes quite often. Unlike other skills, that if you practice them repeatedly you improve, when it comes to saying goodbye, it doesn’t get easier, just more complicated. It’s not as simple as just missing people and places; it’s about the withdrawing of memories have been created that leaves me sad. Being detached physically automatically places past experiences in that place into a recess towards the back of your mind. As you try and focus on a future, wherever you find yourself in the present, the immediate environment is obviously what has the most influence on you and what happened 2 months or a year ago somewhere else, almost seems a dream never to be repeated.

Memories recede into a haze when you are not living where they occurred. When my feet no longer tread on the streets where I grew up, there is some sort of brain dissociation activated and put simply, I forget unintentionally the smell of Jacaranda’s after the rain, and the sound of a Kookaburra in a Gum tree.

How do you value a tangible reality against memory?
How do you love someone when you choose not to be by their side?

I think you have to tell them.

So as I return to Israel and lose the physicality of being in Australia, I forever value the time that I was lucky to spend with family and friends.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Etc Etc

For those who have just tuned in, I am currently on holidays visiting my family in Sydney. This entails spending a lot of time at the beach getting an amazing tan and looking at the talent on display….which is not bad.

New Year’s Eve was spent raging to Fat Boy Slim with 15000 others at Bondi Beach…the vibe was awesome…New Years Day was spent by the pool, I made a BBQ for my friends, we ate and swam and attempted to chill to summer beats in the 41 degree heat.

New Gregorian Year Resolutions?

1) Drink more wine/vodka/alcoh

2) Travel to Vienna and Barcelona

3) Travel up the east coast of Oz before I go back to Israel

4) Try be nicer to people who bug me, it’s not their fault.

5) Try not to throw up on anymore on dates

6)Try not to fall for guys who are really hot and can therefore get whoever they want, and usually do, which as a consequence leaves me wanting them and them already pashing someone else, and only calling me when they are available.

7) Try think of nicer let down lines than ''I can’t hear you it’s really loud in here"

8) Try not to do the text message/ email/ phone call/ turning up on the door step at 11pm of the hot guy(s) in no.6

9) Try earn some money at some point, maybe soon even

10) Try to keep my big mouth shut and not stir up trouble amongst my friends (G-d I think I could use some help with this one)

11) Try get an amazing tan so I can look awesome at the Winter Ball in Feb

12) Try and think before I act (who am I kidding)

13) Try and remember that Georg Jensen jewelry will only give me happiness that is fleeting.

14) Try to remember the limit on my credit card does not mean that is how much is available for me to spend

15) Try not to be rude when people first meet me, I know it scares them away

16) Thank G-d a bit more

17) Try be less cynical and laugh more at all the stupid situations I get myself into like no.6

18) Try not to think about no.6

19) Repeat no.1 until I do no.18

20) Try speaking the Hebrew that I learned in Ulpan

Here’s a little update for those who miss me and care:

I’ve been reading: John Safron Foer/ Jack Kerouac

I’ve been listening to: Winston Giles Orchestra

I’ve been watching: Grey’s Anatomy/Jamie Oliver/ Simpsons

I’ve been eating: Food without oil

I’ve been kissing: My Nephews

I’ve been driving: But not sure of my licence status (see my first blog entry)

I’ve been missing: Israel

I've been most quoted saying: 'ish'

I've been buying: clothes whenever mine are dirty instead of washing them

I've been spending most of my time with: That funky girl about town...Roni :)