Sunday, December 18, 2005


The recent Riots in Sydney have been sparking a lot of attention. It all started on Cronulla beach, and I’m sure if you ask people now what was the original incident that started it, most people wouldn’t know. Some youths of ‘middle eastern’ appearance beating up some lifeguards, is probably the closest you will get. The general place I expect to see road blocks, is on the way to Efrat not Bondi Beach. All this commotion though and I might have to put my plans for tanning on hold, which would be a real shame. I hate it when ‘Racial Riots’ intervene with a tanning schedule. My friends commented to me though, since I don’t really look of ‘middle eastern appearance’ I should be fine to go back there and continue on with my schedule, that is I won’t be arrested.

For those interested in Aussie culture and these recent events read this article:

It’s something I try to explain to Israeli’s whenever they say that to live in Australia is their dream, none of the problems of Israel, but….there is racism everywhere. In Sydney, it’s the geography of the city that allows for us to use the term that our society is multi-cultured. Yes there are many different cultures living in Sydney, but all in their separate areas, and what happens when you cross a border?

This isn’t new though ,and Hebron isn’t the only place that has curfews:

You know what the funny thing is? Today as I was kayaking in Sydney Harbour, and I was stuck under a catamaran I got the same feeling that I had during the evacuation from Gaza. Here I am kilometres away from violence and history, yet I am sitting in a coffee shop or a kayak, and when it comes down to it, I could be anywhere, if I am not there in the middle of it, is it real? Does it effect me personally, if I am not there to witness it? Am I meant to change my daily routine? What do I do?

(My thoughts run riot in my head
My heart is in the East and I am at the ends of the West…)

I called for Help.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

On Vacation

For those who don’t know, I am currently visiting my family in Sydney. In other words, helping my sister look after her new baby, whilst juggling my older nephew. It seems almost inappropriate for me to ‘blog’ while I am away from Israel, as the purpose initially was to keep people in touch with how my Aliyah is going, what sort of trouble I’m getting into, Bridget Jones events etc. Now I seem to be getting quite addicted to this thing, to the point where the amount of time I spend thinking about whether daily events in my life are ‘blog worthy’ is slowly becoming equal to the amount of time I spend pondering what food I should eat for each meal of the day i.e. considerable. I have always said that all I can do is laugh at all the irony in my life, and so I guess this way, the whole world is laughing with me.

How My Aliyah is Going:

‘Weeeell’ (Pronounced like Samantha says it in Bewitched). I’m writing about my Aliyah to Israel whilst sitting in Sydney, seems almost like I’m missing the point of Aliyah, which is to be in Israel. So far this year, I have met really cool people, and improved my Hebrew. I haven’t really succeeded on the getting a job and apartment part of the Aliyah process. The job part - not really my fault since they changed all these laws regarding Physiotherapy on me, everything is sort of a bit of a bureaucratic mess. So I am trying to work for a little while in Sydney so I can have money to spend on breakfast at Tal Bagel’s on Friday mornings. Not to mention experience in my profession. Contrary to popular belief, I do plan on going back, ticket is booked for end of Jan, but I am more than willing to say that if I get a good job here, then I will stay for a while.

It’s all a bit complicated. Licensing, continuing education, family, distance, money and future are all issues running around in my head at the moment and it’s confusing and I keep changing my mind all the time. I guess I have 2 homes, I love them both, they both have pro’s and con’s and at the end of the day, I want to be in Israel building a life, but I have my profession which I bothered to study 4 years and work in, and I like it….soooo…aaarrrgh…..

For now I think I will just enjoy the gorgeous Summer in Sydney, currently 33° and sitting at an internet café on Bondi Beach, about to head there for a swim, tan and read my book.

Random Events:

I broke the key to the car whilst it was in the key hole of the boot of the car. I am being set up with Random person via my sister’s in-laws, I was just told, not asked, that this was going to occur. They think that if I get a boyfriend here, then I will stay and then my sister and family will not make Aliyah either. Did a bit of research on him and found out he’s quite religious of the Shomer Negia variety which brings me to my next topic

How to Sabotage a date with a Religious Guy:

We arranged to meet at the beach, so I dressed in beach attire – a swimming costume.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

From 0-10

Just wondering if other people are concerned about what the first decade of this century will be referred to. For example on radio shows when they say 'The best music from the 70's 80's and 90's" what abbreviation or diminutive (thanks Tommy) will we be giving to this toddler.
I've heard the naughties but I'm not so into it...This seems to bother me a lot, especially since we are half way through it.
Comments will be appreciated