Monday, December 12, 2011



I know it's early, but the truth is I have the time for a mid-week update so I thought why not, the point is to get me writing again.

So I freaked out when this week when I downloaded the moth and the theme of the podcast was "Into the Wild", How did they know that was what I wrote about last week? AS I was late in downloading it, they had already produced it, when I wrote the 'Into the Wild' entry...CRAZY!! Great creative minds think alike....

Meanwhile, in their episode they got people to jot down what their greatest survival skill is....and I think that mine is Adaptation...I wish it could be camouflage...but my red hair prevents that...

This is why...
This week, I woke up with my list of all the goals that I wanted to get done...just on Sunday. One of them was to spray paint these plastic butterflies that I had bought to hang on my wall, when I was in America. I had everything ready, and when I went to look for teh butterflies I couldn't find them. I turned my entire apartment upside down and car looking for them. I got more and more frustrated that I would not be able to achieve everything I set out to do that day, not to mention the loss of the butterflies, which I had envisioned to go perfectly on the wall in my room.

I did manage to find two rogue butterflies, which had clearly been separated from their flock...for some reason. For one or two days I got annoyed every time I saw them, becasue they reminded me of my loss...until this morning I decided that they would be a great start to my new butterfly collection. Now I could go hunting butterflies and collecting many different varietes, instead of just having a wall of all the same ones!! WOohOO!!

My loss has turned into an adventure!! This afternoon I might go around Yaffo to the markets, to look for some butteflies!!

Some Israeli Music:
Boom Pam
Efrat Gosh
The Apples
DAniela Spector
Roni Dalomi
Avraham Tal


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