Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Story Worthy Week...

The Moth is a Storytelling podcast that has grown to have a bit of a cult following in the end of each show they wish their listeners to have 'a story worthy week'. Everytime I hear them say that, I think to myself, often inspired after listening to the latest episode, that yes, I want a story worthy week!

In an attempt to revive my writing I have decided to write down a story of the week, it an effort also to do a bit of reflection and cleansing as well on the week gone by...
Also now that I am in my own apartment in Tel Aviv, I feel that I now have a creative space, a 'room of my own', where I can just be.

BAck in August, my favourite event of the year, the wine festival, was held at the ISrael Museum. A veteran of 6 wine festivals, I know what shoes to wear, which buses and their timetable to there etc etc...I have the event down pat. I decided this year, in preparation, for an event which I take quite seriously, I would get my hair done for the occasion, since it needed a cut anyway. I should be specific and say for the Thursday night of the festival, because although I had to been to 3 of the 4 nights during the week, Thursday night is purely social and not much quaffing goes on.

I was prancing around the festival, clinking glasses with whoever I thought was cute...and I met a REALLY cute guy...we hit it off, chatted, he asked me out on one or two dates, but it lost momentum because he was in the army and a few other reasons...which are not relevant right now...the point is...I was happy that I got my hair done.

What does this have to do with this week?
On Wednesday night, I attended the wedding of an old Jerusalem friend (funny how I can say 'old', when really these friends are all new), and for the occasion I thought, I should get my hair off I trek to the hairdresser and I get my hair done. It looked really nice with curls at the end. It looked so nice, I decided not to wash it the next day.

Last night (Thurs), I went to the 'Lone Soldiers' Thanksgiving dinner, because a good friend of mine, who I did my Masters with, her husband helped found the organisation. Wandering around the event,I bumped into that same guy and all I could think was...atleast my hair looks good!

This thought then progressed to, everytime I want to see him do I have to go to the hairdresser? I can't afford that....

What's wierd is that, I was with another friend of mine and then we went to drink a glass of wine in Neve Tzedek and she bumped into a guy that she hadn't seen in ages...and the first thing she said to me was "Does my hair look good?".

What is with that?

Also a shout out to Esther who has a really cool podcast.

There I did it....


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