Sunday, December 01, 2013

A year in review...

I guess it is ok to write again...even if a year has time like the present...

I guess it is ok, because it's only I that write here so this is my space.

I spend time telling people about the fact that once I had a blog and wrote about my Aliyah experiences, but now I just live here, so there's not much to's just like everyday life, in a different location. Place is however instrumental to our existence.

Now...more than ever, I think most importantly you need to be in a place where you can learn, where you can see that you continue to grow...I still feel that, which is a good thing...after all these years of'd think I would at least get a bit I tend to do is change...yet stay the same...

I always set myself tasks and goals...beyond my capabilities...and end up upset for not achieving them....this could be a simple thing like getting to the post office, picking up dry cleaning, getting the car washed, go for brunch and make dinner for 12 people all in a day...or larger things, I guess the leftovers though help us get up the next day. I sometimes think I like to travel because that moment when you are on a plane...going towards a destination...there is no mind chatter because you can't possibly do anything for that period of time.  Everything is done, yet at the same time, everything is waiting to begin.

I think that's the way I feel about a new year coming, or a year passing...teetering on the edge...letting go of ties but at the same time, waiting to through a rope out to anchor the next port of call.


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