Sunday, December 18, 2005


The recent Riots in Sydney have been sparking a lot of attention. It all started on Cronulla beach, and I’m sure if you ask people now what was the original incident that started it, most people wouldn’t know. Some youths of ‘middle eastern’ appearance beating up some lifeguards, is probably the closest you will get. The general place I expect to see road blocks, is on the way to Efrat not Bondi Beach. All this commotion though and I might have to put my plans for tanning on hold, which would be a real shame. I hate it when ‘Racial Riots’ intervene with a tanning schedule. My friends commented to me though, since I don’t really look of ‘middle eastern appearance’ I should be fine to go back there and continue on with my schedule, that is I won’t be arrested.

For those interested in Aussie culture and these recent events read this article:

It’s something I try to explain to Israeli’s whenever they say that to live in Australia is their dream, none of the problems of Israel, but….there is racism everywhere. In Sydney, it’s the geography of the city that allows for us to use the term that our society is multi-cultured. Yes there are many different cultures living in Sydney, but all in their separate areas, and what happens when you cross a border?

This isn’t new though ,and Hebron isn’t the only place that has curfews:

You know what the funny thing is? Today as I was kayaking in Sydney Harbour, and I was stuck under a catamaran I got the same feeling that I had during the evacuation from Gaza. Here I am kilometres away from violence and history, yet I am sitting in a coffee shop or a kayak, and when it comes down to it, I could be anywhere, if I am not there in the middle of it, is it real? Does it effect me personally, if I am not there to witness it? Am I meant to change my daily routine? What do I do?

(My thoughts run riot in my head
My heart is in the East and I am at the ends of the West…)

I called for Help.


Blogger Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

this si a very good piece
many Jews look middle eastern and could be attacked for
australia has lost her innocence
it no longer is safe anywhere for Jews
I will also write about this on my blog
the issues you raise are so important

12:40 AM  

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