Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shedding some Light

So I am doing my masters in Public Health at Hebrew University, concurrent to my course is an International masters program which attracts Dr's and health care workers from Ethiopia, Mynamar, Turkey and all sorts of other places that I had only heard of in my stamp collection...
At a combined chanukah celebration, we asked some of these participants how they feel about being in Israel, and amazingly they replied that they don't feel safe. I find it interesting that here they have come from all these 3rd world countries which aren't necessarily the pillar of security, and they are studying here Masters degrees, which means they are educated people, and they still can't see the bigger picture.
After to talking to them for a while, they admitted that perhaps this has been shaped by the international media, because, to date after 3 months here, in the safety of Jerusalem, they have not seen tanks running around as is portrayed on T.V. I posited maybe the media over-sensationalises just a little...???
It disappoints me slightly when we are hosting people from overseas and they are still unable to reconcile their experiences on the ground with what they have been told...
I hope we get to mix with this group again, I think it's important for them to see exactly what Israel is like...


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