Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I am now a student a Hebrew University...and proud.
This means I have a student number on top of my Israeli Identification Number which also differs from your passport number.
I have been given a Hebrew University email address, which I have to check because the course co-ordinator sends her emails to that address.
In order to access that email I was sent a 4 digit password which I then was allowed to change once I had logged on.
Everyone at my campus has a special campus access to computers account.
To log on to the campus computers, I needed my ISraeli ID and student number, and after that I could then choose my own password. Once logged on I was given yet another email account with a different address.
To get onto the library website, I needed to log on with my campus account, and then I had to register to the library so I could borrow, using my Israeli ID number.
To get access to the library from home, I had to fill out a form online and then I was given another username and I had to choose another password.
To take out a book, they needed my student card, even though I registeres with my Israeli ID number, they scanned the student card to check that I had registered.

I don't need another password. That I will inevitably forget.
Everyone knows my email address, which I ahd to write on my application anyway, so why do I need another. You are not making my life easier. You are making my life more annoying.

I think I am an anarchist in disguise. I'm on my usual rant about how much I hate systems, University in particular, and then it dawns on me, maybe I am just a plain old anarchist? How boring to have a label? I do like order though, I like things to work, I just hate systems of authority and beaurocracy. So how does that all fit together....ah what the hell, why not cause some trouble, what I really want is to see the whole thing go up in flames, I am out of the closet...I am an anarchist, but by my definition.


Blogger Wisey said...

Because people don't understand that if they make life better for the user, the world will be a much better place...take Facebook as an example!

7:07 AM  
Blogger therapydoc said...

When I lived in Israel I thought that the paper work just to breathe would do me in.

9:23 PM  

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