Saturday, October 27, 2007


I am pissed off...I have started University and the professors are on strike. As a consequence I only have half my classes, practically I think it means that these classes will ahev to be amde u some other time i.e. my holidays. I am not a happy camper.
I think that all this striking is just to show that Olmert can't run the country. If you want to make a point that's fine, but it annoys me when it cuts into my time....gggrrrrr.
Being a student in Israel means that you ahve the lovely experience of having everything to do with your course being a secret.

How do you enroll? It's a secret.
HOw do you get a student card? It's a secret.
WHere are your classes and when? It's a secret.
When are there exams? It's a secret.

Week 1 Health economics class, the teacher stands up and asks the question in relation to economics...'Why do you think I am standing here?' and I foolishly answer, "Maybe to help us?" the rest of the class laughs, the teacher looks at me as if I have come from some sort of crazy apparently was not the answer he was looking for..."Profit", it would seem would be the correct answer, because he is being paid to be there.

So I now have the pleasure of being a part of a higher education system..again..aaahh what joy!


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Good one Gila, Good one!

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