Thursday, September 27, 2007


I was looking for a seat on a good old Jerusalem Egged bus the other day.
Keeping in mind that there is sort of an unspoken rule that you just don't sit next to Haredi men on buses -
1) Out of respect of the whole religious men separate to women thing
2) Because they smell
3) Because it is slightly wierd when they try and rub up against you.
I surveyed the scene to find a space for myself.

On Egged buses they sometimes have the two seats facing two seats situation and inadvertently due to the above situation, there naturally forms same sexed seat grouping.

What was unusual about this particular trip was that I noticed that there was a male foursome like this but with one space missing and I really wanted to sit down.However instead of a Haredi male, the usual reason why I wouldn't join the group - there was an Armenian Monk. I briefly halted - what is the correct behaviour regarding an Armenian Monk? DO they interact with Women? Do they even talk? I realised how ignorant I am regarding Armenian monks and then I thought to myself - this is slightly bizarre that I am on a bus trying to decide whether or not it is ok for me to sit next to an Armenian monk - but also sorta cool!

I sat down next to the Monk - he didn't really flinch - he was too busy texting on his mobile phone in Armenian to notice my insignificant presence.


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