Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Enough Already

Not sure how many of you know that tehre are two strikes going on in Israel at the moment.
One of High school teachers and the other of University professors.
I for one am being profoundly affected by the University professors strike.
I set this time aside to study as opposed to working full time, which means I am effectingly losing money. I wouldn't mind if I was studying, but half my classes are not taking place and no one know what is going on. This time that I have put aside is being wasted.
The semester could be cancelled and then held during the holidays.
They could just pass us all without actually studying the subject.
It's all a big mess.
The latest announcemnet is that they are threatening not to give the professors their full pay for the time they ahven't been teaching which I guess they won't be happy with....in other words, they aren't any where close to resolving this issue.
The high school teacher strike is affecting families, and students who waon't eb able to take their final exams.
For sure I am on the teachers side, I am sure they get paid like crap and are undervalued, btu there must be some better way to negotiate this because it's really just enough already.
I am feeling annoyed, frustrated and upset, and there is nothing that I can do about it, Except write it here.


Anonymous elie said...

I feel the pain. It really really sucks. And i could have been done last year. Siiiigh.

1:52 PM  

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