Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ok now it's not a joke

I may have understated my feelings previously so let me be clear as crystal now.
I am officially pissed off about the University professors striking.
Not only did they not ask my permission, but they didn't ask the permission of any student, and we are the ones that are being unfairly punished.
Will someone please do something.
We are all sitting here (earthquakes aside), waiting around, not having any idea if the semester is being cancelled, if we are going to ahve exams, if they are just going to pass us, if we are ever going to have the lectures to the subjects that we are enrolled for?
I sit here in Israel, in the midst of this Balagan, and as I prepare to vote in the Australian election this weekend, I was really effected by an add made by the Liberal party, on the radio:
'If you vote for labor there will be....transport strikes, nursing strikes and it seems ever other type of profession on strike....'.
Then I look around at my situation, and think, yeh strikes suck...I can relate to that.
I can't wait to vote.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you try and sympathize with your lectures and think about the hell they have had to put up with for years. You haven't even really started.

Their lives have been f*cked for so much longer and deserve all the support they can get.

This is their job; they are not striking to piss you off. If you are pissed off, go to the government and moan at them. Do something about it!! Help your lecturers so that they can help you.

Don't be selfish

10:18 PM  

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