Friday, October 19, 2007


I was in Sydney last week for Rebecca's wedding. We have been friends since I cut off all her hair when we were 3 years old. On the night of the wedding I house sat her house and slept in her bed. I had tried to plan my trip in order to maximise my time there and see all the people and places that I wanted to see. Rebecca's house had not been on the list but at the end of the day it was the place that I was happiest that I had visited.
Suddenly I was flooded with memories of sleep-overs, rabbits, dirty pools, excursions to Northbridge plaza, playing Club Keno, movies at Cremorne Cinema, Polski Orgorki pickles and more...
There was a period in yr 7/8 where we spent almost every Saturday night together...and now I had not been there in 2.5 years.
I woke at night, I couldn't sleep...perhaps I was jet lagged. I paced around the house, ret-tracing my steps from over 10 years myslef in the absence of her presence I heard our laughing.
Where was this new place that she is going to live?
When was the last time we played together at each other's houses?
Rebecca will you come over and play?


Blogger deb said...

Gils you made me cry

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love to read your blog,
and if i can make a tiny, little comment... it`s not like i am picking on you or anything, but those green things in a jar you have mentioned, should be spelled as polskie ogorki, im sure you dont care that much and wont hold that against me, one more time - love your blog!

5:07 PM  

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