Friday, November 09, 2007

That Kafka Feeling?

DO you know that kafka feeling?
Like you are the main character of 'The Trial", everyone around you seems on some sort of they know what's going on and you ahve no clue...
I had a few Kafka moments this week and they ahve been gnawing at me...
It all boils down to ulpan classes...A-FREAKIN-GAIN!
After like 14 years of Jewish education, 1 year off in Israel, multiple visits and a free ulpan upon making Aliyah, apparently I still don't have enough command of the language in order to study a Masters program and so I have to attend 6 hours a week of yet another ulpan in order to pass the Hebrew exemption exam at the end of my first year of study. Of course theses hours are at night, inconveniently located at Givat Ram, where the bus that stops right outside my house stops running from Givat Ram at 8pm and my class ends at 8:10pm.

Anyway on Monday night whilst I was trying to get a taxi, in the cold, of course no taxi is in site. I wait and wait and wait...eventually one taxi passes by, they ask where I am headed...I saw Emek Refaim, a busy aea where am sure they can get more business once they drop me off...and the taxi driver responds "I am not headed in that direction"....I slammed the door shut on him in a rage..."Why are you angry?" He ponders innocently...
"Because you are a TAXI SERVICE! I pay you to go in the direction that I want to go in!"
He laughs and drives off leaving me as a damsel in distress.

The next ulpan lesson is cancelled as the teacher is sick.
The next ulpan lesson I turn up to the teacher is still sick, however everyone in the class was notified not to attend except for me.
I walk into the classroom and there is no one sound, no note on the board, nothing.
This is my kafka feeling of bewilderment and confusion.
I guess if it were a true kafka feeling, the classroom would have been filled with men looking at me ominously, telling me I am late and put on a chair at the frojnt to accuse me of a crime that neither I nor they are sure of....but I am taking the artistic liberty of expressing my frustration here and so I get to do whatever I want.

I am now going to have some chocolate. Benedick's mints to be precise.


Blogger Wisey said...

Well, at least you got to make your bus!

...and next time, just leave the class early. What's 10 minutes?

8:12 AM  

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