Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh so Quiet....!

I guess I can owe the inspiration for this to Jonny, for pointing out how quiet I have been lately, to the point where I even had to reset some things on blogger in order to log in. This actually couldn`t be a busier time...I am getting a new flatmate, I am about to start a masters degree in Public health and Community Medicine in Hebrew - that is a true sign of insanity, if you were doubting before if I was crazy, now you can be sure. The thought of studying in Hebrew, makes me swing between excitement for the challenge to crises of self-confidence based on irrational thoughts, which are my specialty. Luckily I am doing it with a friend so we can struggle through it together...should be fun!

I am now pissed off because I can`t type a proper apostrophe, the button seems to be stuck on my computer...suddenly...and I cant figure out away around it so you are going to have to deal with the lack of apostrophes.
Ok, also I will be starting a new job...most likely, perhaps...lots of new things for the upcoming New Year, all is good.
Maybe I will throw in there a trip to Australia for a wedding and to see the family etc....

I want a car...despite the high rate of road accidents (google road accidents Israel if you are bored...there are a lot fo stats) and my driving record...If I am starting to study then I dont want to waste my time and also I want ot be able to actually see this country and do all these cool things...there are so many cool things to do. I love driving. I love to drive. I need a car. Anyone who wants to contribute to the buy Gila a car fund, please email me! (That includes my parents).

Did I write about the time I was stopped for J-walking? I was given a ticket for J-walking once and When I started to protest to the policewomanperson, I had already got out of a ticket once by claiming I didnt know the law because I was a new immigrant, and I knew I couldnt use that again because this was a while after I had made anyway, the policewomanperson starts giving me a lecture about how ebcasue there has been so many road accidents they are crtacking down on J-walkers...and I am like that is the most retarded logic ever...why dont you crack down on people who are speeding...Most likely I would get a ticket for that as well and then complpain that they should dine someone else for that...but seriosuly I was so mad with her at the time...that policewomanperson needed to wear so looser pants so she didnt feel like there was something stuck up her...Me? Road rage?

There seems to be some sort of a migration towards tel-aviv...Im gonna miss some of my playmates like Ilana and Rob...they suck for deserting me in crazy Jerusalem. Everywhere change seems to be in the air, I think its great, I love change....

I noticed that Shufersal have started producing `green bags`...which is a source of much excitement for me, int he world of Israel moving forward in the whole re-cycling thing... I still miss having 5 bins.

I fixed the apostrophe thing, I took off the button and found piece of glass stuck there, from previously in the week when I broke a glass that I flung by mistake when I was sick in bed for 4 days...earlier on this week, I took the oportunity to start reading a book that I had been meaning to read in Hebrew, maybe it was becasue I was sick and delirious that it all was making sense, the point is though, I was managing to make sense of it...I used to get stickers from my music teacher whenever I could play upto a certain part of a really long piece, I feel like I deserve a sticker now, for getting into this book. (Purple Hibiscus - which translates in hebrew suprisingly to Hibiscus Ha-sagol).

OK...Shabbat Shalom...


Blogger eliesheva said...

You're gonna be great in school. I know the Hebrew is a challenge but you'll be awesome at it, and you'll feel accomplished as you overcome it. Borrow my dictionary anytime!

11:24 AM  

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