Friday, August 31, 2007

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I managed to get to one of those offices which are only oopen at the most inconvenient times for them to tell me that everything was ready except for the fact that I had not brought with me one particular document which they ahd not specified that I needed to bring which meant that the whole process would not be going ahead until I could return again at another really inconvenient time.
They apologised - sorry they forgot to mention it.
How was I meant to smell that I needed to bring it?
I am not sure...
I've played matchmaker 3 times this week...I hope they all work out, so I can go to heaven, that would be cool.
People have started to wish me Happy New Year...with a two week countdown...I am all excited for all my new plans and adventures, and I am happy to be here.


Blogger Ittay said...

shana tova gila. may all your shidduchim be successful as your apples are to honey.

1:21 PM  

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