Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Gila Moment

A Gila moment is sort of like a 'minties moment'. I guess you could say it is when I do something that is potentially embarrassing but I think this is understating it. It is when something occurs that could literally have been taken out of a movie because it is so cliched and predictably stupid and hilarious.
I usually laugh my head off at how these things happen to me apparently all the time.
Also to be included are moments where I think everything is perfect but there are crucial pieces of information missing which I only find out later thereby creating some melodrama out of literally nowhere.
Or when I do something which I know is risky, I achieve my goal but out of nowhere it goes pear shaped but not for the reason I thought it would, rather something else out of the ordinary that had never entered my wildest dreams or imagination.
Of course I can't forget the moments where everything seems normal, has the appearance of being potentially normal but of course it just isn't due to circumstances beying my control.
I throw my hands up in the air and declare "These things only happen to me" and then fall over in a fit of laughter.

Now you're going to want an example.

On Friday I was in a bakery shop buying something sweet to eat for Shabbat. I oticed a cute guy. He was wearing a kippah (tick), he was tall (tick) and did I mention he was cute? (tick). Now for the final test due to previous Gila moments did he have a ring? I neede to check this I was peering over at him, trying to organise it so he would get to the counter when I did...that didn't quite work out. I paid for my purchase and turned around to walk out taking one last glance over in his direction when I felt something hard against was the window of course. I had walked into the glass panel thinking it was the door.

A friendly on looker said to me when I looked perplexed trying to understand why I couldn't get outside. "They're clean the windows aren't they?''. I of course was praying and hoping cute guy did not notice as I quickly gathered myself to get out of the shop ASAP and as I was running away 5 mins later I realise that I forgot my purchase behind so I had to return. I was completely bewildered but at the same time hysterically laughing. He really took my breath away...and what does wearing a ring on the middle finger mean?

Another Gila moment which I am trying to deal with was how is it possible that I awas stung by a bee, whilst at a public first it was really painful to the point that I had to stop sunbaking and vacate the premises. For the next 3 hours have ice stuck to it is just swollen probably also due to the heat wave we are experiencing in Jerusalem at the moment and I think I am slowly losing feeling in the finger as blood supply is compromised by the swelling.

Ah the joys.

Which leaves me with


Blogger Gilly said...

Gils - we love you!!!

Look forward to seeing you..... sometime

7:44 AM  
Blogger eliesheva said...

You crack me up!! I pictured it - I think - so well.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

"It's moments like these you need Minties"...i had a feeling there was something uniquely downunder about your opening line. It appears the classic 'minty' is yet another disputed landmark icon to both oz and nz, yes like weetbix,vegemite,the pavlova and not least crowded house.

thanks for the nostalgia, i can still taste the refreshing solid treif !

9:49 AM  
Blogger Wisey said...

ohhh Gila (tick)

4:04 PM  

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