Monday, June 11, 2007


So anyway, I am back from Turkey and I have started work again. I think I am allergic to full time work. Everyone is really happy to see me - I am a bit indifferent.
In Turkey, in the airport there was all these signs about how the Armenians ae fabricating their seemed a bit out of place in an airport.
We were on a trip in Ephesus - the 2nd largest ancient city, we noted that the brothel was situated opposite library with a tunnel linking them. At the end of our tour, the tour guide noticed that oen guy was missing. We waited at the arranged meeting point for ages, he didn't tun up. We made our way to the place where we were appointed to have lunch and apparently he had turned up there looking for us but then he left. The tour guide took a final roll call before we went back at the end of the day and when he got to this guy's name he said "David? David is Lost". I really hope he is safe somewhere in Turkey. It was actually a bit entertaining but tragic at the same time.

Back in Israel after dealing with greasy workmen who fixed our pipes in the apartment and also were just a bit slimy - there was no need for the demonstration on how he knows what pressure points are. Besides disturbing me, he also disturbed a mouse (rat according to Louise). After the intial freak out and locking myself in my room, I called Dave who looked on the internet about how to catch a mouse for me. After waiting some time in vain for the mouse to eat the chocolate in my devious plan I abondoned ship packed up and went to Susie. Luckily Wolf came and saved the day and now I hope our place is mouse/rat free.

I am a bit on edge.


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Maybe that guy on the tour decided to go to the library for a few hours...

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