Sunday, April 05, 2009

Politics and Posters

Walking through the Old City the other search of a beacon of European Culture in the Middle East...otherwise known as the Austrian Hospice, I couldn't help but notice the frequency that this poster featured in shops dotted along the way down the Via Dolorosa.

Retracing Jesus' steps...don't miss at the end of the Christian Quarter Road the Armenian Kodak photo shop, there are some rare shots from pre-'67 around the Old City and surrounds...that remind me a bit of Anna Ticho's sketches.

Meanwhile back on the 'path of sorrow', my attention is drawn back to the posters...Arab merchants are eagerly trying to bargain with you to buy jewellery, some Armenian tiles, traditional Israeli snacks are packaged with Arabic feels like I have crossed some sort of border...or perhaps a green line.

This poster seemed to represent something for the shopkeepers. The fact that it says Palestine on it instead of Israel. The prominence of the Dome of the Rock captures your attention. Perhaps to put words in their mouths it says' we are here...' and I think the poster the 'old school' feel about it also says 'we are not going anywhere'.

I Found an interesting article explaining the origins of the poster which were to promote visitng the Holy's recent reprint and trasnformation into a political symbol is an interesting journey..Please read;

Meanwhile...meandering my way out...past the kids selling shoes...where does this image come from? Slumdog millionaire? Straight out of the movies into real life Middle Eastern Cobble streets with a European back drop? Where am I?

Some place I like to call home.


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