Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's been a while

I know it's been a while.
I think about what I should write all the time.
Perhaps I should have commented on the'd think that would be news worthy...but it sort of came as something inevitable that people just took on as an yet another challenge to every day life...if you throw rockets on us...I guess we will throw them back.
There were signs around town saying "A strong backbone, means a successful front line" I think to try and instill a sense of pride...I was upset that I had to get someone to translate the Israeli slang because I didn't know what the sign was trying to's that everyday slang that gets you...even once you have passed a billion Ulpans...
The elections...I voted Likud...I guess I wanted a right wing majority in power...I guess I got it...
They are advertising for a new Israeli TV program to be called "ha'olim" the "the new immigrants", it is meant to follow immigrants from their home towns through the process of making aliyah,giving them challenges along the way...and the winner gets a new apartment on the beach in tel aviv. A friend of mine commented "as if we need more challenges when making aliyah"...I think that the tv program recognises that aliyah is a challenging survivor...and clearly must be entertaining to others as well (not he people going through's hilarious).
I guess I have been busy with University...etc etc...a bit boring hey...
I muse every now and again on the differences between Tel-aviv and Jerusalem...people often ask me...when am I going to move to tel-aviv...a good friend of mine is always bugging me to rent an apartment there over the summer for the beach...there is definite rivalry there akin to Sydney-Melb...I guess things just worked out for Me in Jeru...there was no reason to think of moving to tel-aviv...I like going there to visit...I always have fun...but I guess because I don't have a tattoo...I wouldn't fit in...not sure.
My flat mate has been baking cookies...ginger my favourite...she says we need to have another party, I will think about it.


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