Saturday, September 20, 2008

NY See

Here I am all psyched to be in the big city. It's big. It's goes on for a while.
Debbie and I tried coming up with as many analagies as possible for how to relate the amount of people that are stuffed in here...we got all the way back to Abraham with the sands of grain and numbers of stars...I originally suggested that is was like G-d sprinkled hundreds of thousands over the city and they turned into people.

I am not exactly sure if I would want to live here in a pokey apartment. They seemed to have removed most of the nature as well...and then in the parks they have artifically made...they ahve fenced in the grass...hmmm

I'm sure I would love the shopping if I had my credit card, but in grand Gila tradition, of course everything is complicated...and I left my VISA in you do when you are coming to visit the shopping mecca of the world...I think I have been quite patient waiting for my new one to turn up and I am grateful to my friends for funding me...but the torture of walking into shops and walking out with nothing is truly providing me with a lesson.

Now I have to go and hang out in the village....and tomorrow go row-boating in central park...



Anonymous GoodMapleSyrup said...

they're called sprinkles.

6:50 PM  

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