Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Familial Familiar Sound

Coming back home? Or Coming back to a home?
Sydney as loyal readers will know holds a special place in my heart.
I love this city. There isn't much to hate about it except that it's a 1000 miles from anywhere else.
Driving through familiar streets for the first time since I left over 3 years ago, I feel the sense that I remember that I have forgotten. I am drifitng by remembering things of the past and I feel almost guilty that I have not thought about them for over a year...How could I forget this scenery? Am I betraying this town because it lapsed from my memory...
Slowly sights and sounds rush back to me and I realise that indeed I have a whole life here...Family, friends and my did I forget that being so caught up in day-to-day chores.
Sydney Amnesia is so fun to wake up from...the sun, surf and sand...A long weekend ahead...with jazz and lots of park time...
A piercing thrilling sound of the shofar...blown by my father, in our shule where all these people who watched me grow up come to greet me...Shana Tova...A sweet new year.
I feel reassured,'s nice to have a hug from my injection of strength for the year to come.


Blogger Ittay said...

Jewish, Goyish, Sabra, Chutznik

Meeting a new person and asking them how much they earn before their name? Sabra
Answering the question about how much you earn honestly? Chutznik

Let the games begin

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the first time that I read your blog. I am familiar with how traveling feels, and it feels great, althoght there is that feeling of saddness as if your missing out on something everytime you leave one place to go to another. Now as to the reason why I'm reading your blog:
I'm in collage and I'm doing reasearch for a speaking presentation that I will be doing about Israel. I was hoping that you could help me. I myself have never been to Israel and although my mother has, but I'm sure that many things have changed from the 1980's So my question if you should choose to reply is this:
How would you say the people of Israel (Jews) are like (personality) and what are the differences in communication, aside from the language?
Please write back:)

7:10 PM  
Blogger gils said...

ittay you are too funny!!!

9:18 PM  

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