Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On a day like today...all you can do is pray

Today is a sad day. In exchange for terrorist Samir Kuntar and 4 other lebanese prisoners as well as 185 bodies...Israel received the bodies of Eldad Regev (my age) and Ehud Goldwasser (my sister's age).
The music on the radio is subdued and in an interview Regev's father said "I was still optimistic that I could hug Eldad".
Meanwhile, "I've been waiting for Gilad Shalit for two years", the hope continues....
In order to raise awareness, a book that Gilad Shalit wrote when he was little, has been published as a children's book, you can download it/ print it and colour it in.

The favourite question that Israeli's like to ask me, as current as this morning:
Why did you make Aliyah?
The answer that I gave for the first time today:
Why do you stay?


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