Tuesday, June 10, 2008

History and Halacha

I just had a really nice Shavout, where everyone brought something to eat and something to learn. I think there is something special about who you learn with because essentially you are sharing G-d with them and this also to a lesser degree is also present when you share a meal with someone, because you are sharing an experience with them and that is how you build a relationship.

A lot of the discussion centred around G-d's role in Halacha vs History.
While Halachah is no longer in Heaven, G-d still controls history at the end of the day...but is the ultimate goal for us to become independant with that as well...?
When we read different versions of the same event in Tanach what actually happened? Where is the truth in history...or is history, just events that we need to take on face value...it occurred?
When was it that we actually reveived the Torah?...The date is not actually recorded in the Torah...in fact the whole concept of Shavout being Zman Matan Torateinu only came about after the Temple was destroyed and Rabbi's re-conceptualised the Chag from being a harvest festival directly dependant on the Temple and the bringing of first fruits to placing the emphasis on Torah study in order that it could still be relevant to us today despite the fact that since primary school it has been ingrained into us that on Shavout we received the Torah...you'd think that the Torah would record such an occasion...

Food for thought...


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