Thursday, October 08, 2009

I just discovered my blog

Wow, I just discovered my blog again and I remember that once upon a time I used to write things down.

It's a new year which means that I can leave old boyfriends behind (no bitterness here....).
It's a new year which means that I can start planning the rest of my life...I should start that soon.
It's a new year which means that I can start a revolution starting with giving all of Israel driving lessons, one person at a time and I will win...after I re-pave all the roads over so there's no pot-holes and put lights on all the major inter-city roads.

Resolutions and revolutions aside.
Future Conquests and plans, plans, plans...

I'm surprisingly in some place familiar caught between the expectations and realities of the way people behave towards me and major disappointment...but this time the walls seem different, a bad taste left in my mouth, my heart a bit more squished and finding it wierd when I try smile again as if it's not appropriate...

And strength, where do you spring from...and hope...and re-birth...and friends who make it all a little bit more bearable...time after time I am bewildered, my breath is taken away and I'm going to be alright.

Being a bit creative, being a bit of an explorer...taking a risk or 5 and moving forward because my eyes are focusing on a beautiful view that stretches out before me of mountains, valleys and rivers...calling me telling me to put on my walking shoes.

Behind me...well that's last year...
Shana Tova
Sweet, Happy, Healthy and Peaceful wishes...


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