Sunday, May 17, 2009

Salt and Pepper

Apparently the bit underneath your biceps which flaps when you shake your arm, in Hebrew is referred to as "מלח פילפל" i.e. "salt and pepper", because when you shake the salt and pepper it also shakes...
That's why I love this language...for expressing things that I had never thought about and making my life that much richer for knowing...thanks to Judith for that tidbit...
There was a rat outside my house on Friday: episode no.2 in the rat race...I opened my door, it was there, I screamed, I let it run away - opened my door again and screamed it was still on the stairwell...closed the door, called two boys, got them to come over and chase it away.
I also had to call the electrician to change my lightbulbs because they were halogen and I had never done that before.
When he was leaving he noted that someone had been baking (surprisingly my flatmate and not me) and so I gave him a muffin and I said "See you need me to bake and I need you to change the lightbulbs" - 200 shekels later he left. I got a compliment though "יפה וגם מאפה", expensive wasn't it.
I am black and blue from doing paintball...never ever again. I think I have enough war stories.
Now I guess I should do my homework right??
Or go for a swim to get rid of my Salt and Pepper...not that I really have...I just checked in the mirror.


Anonymous Yochanan said...

Melach is with a chet.

7:21 AM  

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