Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It doesn't even begin to enter my mind the concept of obtaining a gun and entering a learning institution to open fire on innocent people. This is so far removed from my comprehension or imagination that I ahve had to put it into the too hard basket in order to process it.
I am trying to listen, to hear stories of people connected, with a sensitivity to try and maybe slightly understand, but I think I fail. I don't think I understand.

I wonder, I ponder sitting here, from which side you can begin to approach any of this and I fail. Given, I have no degrees in political science, I don't have a Masters in International relations...I am just a human being and I can not see at the moment, it has all gone a bit hazy.

Other words float in the air:
"Act with Restraint", "Stick to the agreement/ plan", "Control the violence".
The people who say these statements, they must understand because they have come up with advice on how to respond. They must know. They must have a capacity for the events over the past week to enter them and analyse it within some sort of framework of fairness.
I am jealous because I don't think I know what the appropriate thing to do is. Especially if I place this in the context that I am not living in a town being showered with Rockets and having 15 seconds to run for shelter in the middle of my work/ school day/ life. So the people who seem to know how to act, who can compute all this mess, I am jealous of them, because I do not know how to respond.


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