Thursday, March 22, 2007

MTV and all that jazz...

Now I am heaps pissed off that I lost my Camera! Whilst in attendance of a cool private MTV party thanks to having friends in all the right places (aka Deb "wisecrack" Wiseman), I had an opposrtunity to pick out some of the latest fashion mistakes of the 'ultra cool'. I really really wish that I could have put up here a pic of this chick in silver tights - no mini - just silver tights - which is just all wrong.
The pole dancers that were for extra entertainment who were wearing leotards that became a thong - literally a pain in the ass to look at and should be fined visual disturbance to the public.
As Deb explained to me the secrets of 'Or What?' I noticed that due to being a MTV party there were the Muso crowd who were clearly derived from those alternative rock people in High School who went around wearing ACDC and Metallica T-Shirts to be all rebellious...but why are they still wearing them in their mid 20's with tight jeans sitting way too low so they can't be called hipsters and displaying way too much of their derriere...ass crack is yet another fashion mistake...
What was even more disturbing though was the dude who flashed us his mobile phone - on the background wallpaper was the statement "Smile if you want wild Sex" - we kept a straight face because that was truly pathetic - but then we cracked up because it was just so pathetic - we really didn't want to give him the benefit of laughing at his patheticness but it being us was all over red rover as we "ROFL'd".
All in all, it was fun to hob knob with the adveritising crew and oogle at all of the industry people trying and failing to dress themselves when they get out of bed....try again...yes...try again.
The Music was Loud.
Thanks Deb...It's great to be around someone that can tell me to stop being a bitch with all the love in her heart!


Blogger Wisey said...

Now Gilly, I hate to tell you this but I don't think the really authentic musos turned up to this MTV party where a group of Yeah Yeah Yeahs wannabes failed abysmally.
We all go because there is free piss and that's basically all there is to it. Nothing more, nothing less.
We even saw 2 random Jews there, who let's face it, should really not have been there.
I didn't realise you had lost your camera, that is awful. I love that camera.
And your last line, I may need an explanation of that. I don't entirely get it...

3:32 PM  
Blogger Mike Zero said...

I don't think this blog is necessarily random - although it could be seen as such by some.

And Philosophy (Ben Folds) is indeed one of their better songs.


3:53 AM  

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