Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Last week in London

In London, if you are not listening to an iPOD then you are doing the Su Duko puzzle in the paper. Latest headlines are concerned with winning the Ashes, Prince Harry turning 21, Peter Andre getting married, the shooting in Harvey Nick’s, Prince Harry’s girlfriend and the new sculpture in Trafalgar Square. Nobody seems that concerned about July 7. I didn’t see any mention of it anywhere, only in general conversation with people, and now along with ‘Mind the Gap’ there is the statement ‘Please do not leave any bags unattended’ on the tube.

So what do you think an eyesore or modern art? I must admit doesn’t really fit into the environment of Trafalgar. Loved the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Tate modern, especially after seeing the film, her colours are vivid, vibrant and her message is at times grotesque, political and confronting.
Why was I on London again? For a friend’s engagement, which was beautiful. I also had the opportunity to catch up on the latest fashion. I am a big fan of the military style jacket, love the colours teal and deep purple contrast well, the sequin jackets I can take or leave (I took one).

When I was leaving, I was asked the question do I feel like I am going home? I wasn’t sure until I was at the airport receiving the once over from an Israeli security guard, and I used my temporary Israeli passport for the first time. It was confirmed by the meal on the plane of Pita and Hummus, the clapping when the plane landed and topped off by the Nesher (taxi) to Jerusalem which of course dropped me off last and bumped hard over every possible pothole and speed hump. Feels like home to me.


Blogger lizrael said...

sounds about right. both london and israel...

2:59 AM  
Blogger David P said...

Sorry gils but 'Please don't leave bags unattended' has been around for a while.

The new one is 'please don't run you might get shot'

4:08 AM  

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