Sunday, October 23, 2005

What it takes to make it...

I seem to be having the conversation, what it takes to get a mention on my blog in 1/10 encounters with people. You know what, I would probably understand if my blog had a cult following or something, but I don’t really understand why people feel that if I mention them it will be their 15 minutes. The truth; it is mainly guys that request or wonder why they haven’t been mentioned. I am sure there is some sort of social explanation for this, and I feel almost sorry for them when I answer in my traditional sarcasm, ‘I guess if something interesting happened when we hang out, then I would blog it’ – I hope their egos aren’t damaged too much by that. I mean heaps of interesting stuff happens all the time, but I am just so lazy and it is sad that I don’t blog more because I truly do have the time to do that. I don’t want people to get the impression that you have to take me on a bad date to get a mention, and truthfully as entertaining as those stories are, I really don’t rate them as life defining moments so instead here is a tribute to David Hirsch.

David wanted to know what it takes to make it onto my blog and has been bugging me about it for about the past 4 months and so I feel that my first profile should be on him. I also feel that he will be completely cool with anything that I say about him since he is a chilled cool guy when it comes down to it….

I think he always invites me over to his place just so he can make it onto my blog and I am almost scared that now that he has been mentioned he will disappear from my life.
David and I never met 4 years ago at a friends wedding here in Israel. He was there in his army uniform (Givati unit) and I was there in the purple shiny skirt given to me by my friends in Melbourne and a Sarah Jane lace wrap around to match. We often reminisce about what our lives would have been like if we had met that day, but we didn’t.
Instead we met one Friday night dinner at his apartment where there was lots of meat. Despite the fact that I was myself (rude) at dinner for some reason we are friends today – I think it is because he wants to get a mention on my blog.

David is listening to ‘The Postal Service’ cause he’s a Seattle boy and is mad at Jonothan the Diamond guy who has stolen his Moshe Ben Ari CD.

When I was sick a few weeks ago David picked me up from Ulpan, and took me to his apartment where he fed me Chicken soup. He was even kind enough to stop on the way at the post office for me to retrieve a left over bottle of vodka that I had stashed in my PO box (explanation pending). We also stopped off for tissues, which I consequently left at his apartment, I also left my crem-bo's there 2 weeks previously. We watched two episodes of West Wing even though I think he would have preferred to watch 24 (he is in the middle of the fourth season or something and admits to thinking about it at work), because I was sick I was allowed to choose. Although I think he just did this to get a mention on my blog.

David’s favourite saying is ‘Y’all’ which he pronounces in this Deep South accent like he has just returned from a day’s work on the cotton plantation. David’s eyelashes are particularly curly for a guy. David was meant to get a BBQ for his birthday but he didn’t, so the last BBQ I had at his place was a while back, when we tried to levitate his room mate Meir.

David wants to take a picture of everyone that has ever slept over at his apartment and put it up on one wall, perhaps the one behind the Beer bottle collection so people can come over and go “I know him….”.

David really wants to sock wrestle Dara, and has been enticed by her description of the sport ever since she visited in June and never fails to mention it in any conversation that I have with him. I offered him Dara’s email address but he refused. I think David just wants a mention on my blog.

David is going back to Seattle for his brothers wedding next year and he has to wear a pink tie….he thinks that will suck. David is looking forward to sitting in a park and drinking Beer with his friends when he goes back, even his friends who have kids – they go way back.

David loves to travel and in his old room there were cool pictures of funky places on the door but now he swapped rooms his decorations consist of 2 army awards, some certificate and bare bookshelves. David is going to look after my books while I am in Australia, since he has room on his bookshelves.

A typical night out with Dave consists of eating meat, drinking beer, going back to his apartment and smoking Nagila. We talk about his flat mates; Ailie who we love, Meir who we like, his ex-flatmate Simon who I would like to meet and his other ex-flatmate Lev who took the Yoga mat. Who would they invite over if they had a feast? The current qualifications are based on what dish you would prepare, I am allowed to come if I make Sushi, but I think he would invite me anyway just to get a mention on my blog.

David is scared that my Hebrew might be better than his, since I am reading a novel in Hebrew. We resolved that although I understand it when people talk to me, I can’t speak as well as him. David can speak, he just doesn’t know what he is saying.

David doesn’t want cable.

David is content that Meir’s girlfriend just makes cookies.

David thinks that if he was on a deserted island he would be able to fend for himself well if he only had a knife.

David: I love hanging out at your apartment, you have been really amazing to me since I have arrived, and I wanted to mention that on my blog.