Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New City

Tel Aviv...White Concrete Jungle where 'IF you will it, it is no dream'
I'm at Metzizim on the rocks by the beach and then down at Yaffo on a hill overlooking the water and I catch myslef thinking...How did I get here...
There's Creativity
People walking the streets at any hour...whenever I am walking home, I am wondering where everyone else is going. Maybe I should be going there too... Oh the Places I could go...
On a Friday, I might go to the Farmers Market at the Namal and buy pickles and bok choy.
Sometimes I find a New Gallery which I plan to go to...but end up somewhere else

Driving back and forth has introduced me the world of podcasts...and I listen to This AMerican Life/ The Moth/ The New Yorker Fiction and there are some ABC books and language shows that I listen to sometimes...there were some episodes about being a migrant in AUstralia, a New Zealand woman talking about home and culture...where she belongs.

For the first time living in Tel Aviv I really feel like an immigrant...because it is more Israeli...In Jerusalem, I was in such a close knit town of 'Olim' immigrants...An Anglo Bubble...Whereas in the actual Bubble, הבועה, in the city...immigrants are not the dominant species...which makes you feel like you stand out, as well as the fact that you are just another face, in the crowd, so where am I anyway?

I'm here. It's a New City.


Blogger Cat said...

you will get to love tel aviv...especially yafo, it is gorgeous. when did you move there?

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Gila
I just rediscovered your blog and it is as wonderful as always. Look forward to seeing you in another city soon
Julie D xxx

5:05 AM  
Anonymous Alan said...

Interesting post, and may you find peace and happiness in your new surroundings.

3:06 PM  

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