Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Israel Culture

Love the summer...After divulging in my first watermelon of the season on Yom Haatzmaut at the perfect bbq in Herzliya by the pool...I am now waiting for my sign that the summer has begun, the watermelon man to open his stand next to the Petrol station on the corner...I already have a sunburn as I try to gradually tan myself for my best friends wedding...one of six weddings inbetween now and October...another wedding, another excuse for a dress...I should get something out of them too!!!

Anyway...after celebrating this country's Birthday, it's always good to re-new your love for the culture with a few good links to blogs/websites which explore the scene and open it up to you...

Food: matkonation
Culture: midnighteast magazine
Art: Omanoot

Enjoy my friends...as Summer creeps closer...all the festivals and visitors (my parents) are coming out to play...not to mention Birthdays! Bring it on!


Blogger Wisey said...

Holy shmegoly,
You're still writing on here.
I'm a bad friend.

I was hoping to say "let's start up again, yeah let's"

I can't do that anymore....

9:10 PM  

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