Monday, December 11, 2006

Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday

As I walked the halls of my hospital last Friday night, I have flashbacks of Bnei camp singing a good old propaganda song …Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday…Ain’t Gonna work on Saturday…Double Double Triple Pay…etc
I guess I never listened well enough or perhaps the propaganda failed or I should have stood firmer ground, but nevertheless here I am, all clad up with my stethoscope hovering over a poor soul in ICU and I’m thinking to myself, I can’t get this stupid, stupid song out of my head.
It’s just not a normal feeling to be working on Shabbat…or am I feeling slightly guilty that I am getting driven around by an Arab taxi driver so I am can be here? Or because I have to ask one of the Arab ‘writers’ to sign that I have seen a patient? What would we do without these Arabs?
The daughter of one of my patients informs me that her Nephew is one of these ‘writers’ he is going to be a Dr, he has been accepted by every medical school in Israel and he just has to choose…..I guess that’s a rise in status from ‘Katvan to Rofeh’ (writer to Doctor).
On my way home, the Arab driver says to me ‘You’re from Australia….Oh, I tell you, it doesn’t matter where you are from…we are all human beings’.
In contrast to my ride home yesterday after being on call yet again:
The taxi driver put on the metre, I was falling asleep and not paying attention to where he was going, suddenly I realised he was going all the way around and about Jerusalem and so I opened my mouth to complain and he nearly has a fit and says “You don’t live here, you don’t know the streets, this is the way to go, you think I am a thief, here I will take you home for free, but you need to learn, you don’t live here” I tried to argue, I tried to say this is my home too….but he was adamant that I need to learn.
Can I complain about my job? Even if come February it may no longer exist and so I will probably look back on working on Saturdays and being on call 4 days in a row as a blessing…How do positions just suddenly no longer exist because someone somewhere decided..?
Yeah I’m having one of those crises again where I don’t know what I’m doing, my independence is being threatened and I am waiting for someone to tell me what to do…even though I know that person is me…

Meanwhile there are what appear to be Christmas lights on Emek and Doughnuts in the window of Tal Bagels. Seasons are changing and it feels like I am waiting for something to happen…yet on so many levels it feels like something already did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll send you the Triple J Hottest 100, or that fBi CD... that should could get that crap out of your head.

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