Saturday, August 19, 2006

Once upon a Kibbutz

Once upon a kibbutz, 7 years ago, 9 girls and 1 guy came from lands far away, to work the fields or in my case scrub the kitchen with toothbrushes in preparation for Pesach. On the first day I saw a city over yonder and pondered where could that be? The answer received nonchalantly was, “Gaza”. In the months that followed many collectable memories were created….

Partying with Kibbutz boys and returning home at 5am, losing one of the girls temporarily – Keren where were you that night anyway? Arriving back and the shomer (guard) at the gate being unimpressed and as a consequence, by breakfast we already received disapproving comments…you gotta love a Jewish Kibbutz, (not that I really know any kibbutzim that aren’t Jewish).

Waking up to the smell of cows, going to bed with the smell of cows and the smell of cows permeating every crevice of your room…Lice from the Kids…Building a Succah that the entire kibbutz can eat lunch under. Gossiping about everyone, as we got to know them. Cleaning out the pool, spilling paint on the side of the pool, and going to my kibbutz friend, pulling a pouty face and having him save the day…

Now 7 years later, Gaza is still there, but we can no longer hang out at the beach we used to frequent. The kitchen is still there and the tap that pours out oil. The kibbutz boys can still dance the night away. The cows still stink and the paint stain by the pool is recognisable to a trained eye.

As I wandered around remembering feelings whilst retracing footsteps, one thing that undoubtedly remains and has flourished is a friendship forged between one Aussie girl and one tye-dyed t-shirt wearing kibbutznik. With a heart full of joy I was privileged to witness the marriage of two of my friends and share in a glimpse of their happiness last week.

Admidst noises of targeted bombings, the happy couple were whisked away on a tractor to a future kibbutz style.

Tafnit ’99 ‘Alumimed’ IT.

Eilat and I at the Kabbalat Panim
(Yeh I cut off all my long tresses)

Eilat saying Bircat Kallah, with a proud Daddy by her side.

The Bride Circling the Groom

Whisked away on a tractor after chuppah...


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