Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Next Adventure

So Ulpan has started, which means I now have to wake up early and I have started to learn Spanish. My next door neighbour is Priscilla from Sao Paulo - I told her it was her job to get me up for class and then I got her to teach me how to say ‘I am not going to class today’ – ‘ No quiero, ira a la classe’….or some broken version of that.

The only problem with learning Spanish is that I can’t be sarcastic, because between broken English, Spanish and Hebrew, they don’t seem to understand, and it’s no fun being sarcastic when you don’t get an appropriate response. This is really hard for me, because I now just have to be nice.

My other neighbour is Sophie from Paris, we sing Jean Jacques Goldman Songs from HSC 2 unit French, which for some reason I still remember. So far I have no one else in my room besides my luggage, which takes up considerable space. Today more people are arriving and I am sure I will return to find someone random in my room, as random is the flavour of the day here.

The best part about Ulpan so far is having my friend Dave from London with me, on the first day we sat there playing his guitar and watching everybody move in, which I am sure we will just resume doing today.

In the meantime I went to the Opening of the Maccabiah games. Checked out the soccer girls in Haifa, and I will be going to some netball tonight. At the opening ceremony, Australia was one of the largest contingents and they looked very cool….It’s sort of like a mini-olympics, everyone is really happy and walking around with Maccabiah T-shirts and ID cards and badges. When USA walked into the stadium they had cheerleaders in front of them, poor Japan only had one contestant, and the Mexicans came in wearing sombreros….

Opening Ceremony


Blogger Me said...

Which dave?

7:44 PM  
Blogger ifyouwillit said...

Welcome to Israel, enjoy you're Big Adventure! Which Ulpan have you found?

2:54 AM  
Blogger gils said...

Dave Preston...and I'm at Ulpan Etzion

5:52 AM  
Blogger Taita de ocho said...

Hi!! Gila...i was looking for a blog of a friend from Haifa, and i found you...isn't strange? well...i don't know....i read about your spanish class...and you make remeber that mi friend from haifa wanted to learn spanish too, we met in Buenos Aires, Argentina last winter...and i liked people from Israel. i learned a lot of things about your culture,(excuse me if my english is so bad), they told me that Haifa is a beautiful city. About your spanish, espero que aprendas bastante, y sigue escribiendo en tu blog, me gustó mucho...suerte en despide un inesperado blogger de sur del mundo.....good luck. Fernando.

3:54 PM  

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