Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Gila's Big Adventure

So this is a story all about how, I ended up on Kensington High St on Tuesday Afternoon. Whilst at Sydney airport on Monday Afternoon, I was informed that my plane would be delayed by two hours and hence I would miss my connecting flight to Israel in Bangkok, so they are going to send me to London. I thought: cool extra frequent flyer points (I really should have found my frequesnt flyer card before I left).

This meant that I would be travelling an extra day, and I would have enough time in London to meet one of my friends for coffee, browse in TOP SHOP and GAP but not enough time to visit the TATE Modern.

However, I arrived in Israel, too late to get to the key to the apartment I am meant to be staying in, so I checked into a hotel instead at 1am on weds morning, I am now enjoying the wireless internet at the hotel.

Note: Did anyone else notice that Thai security people are a bit perverted? Whilst going through a securtiy check in Bangkok, I walked through the dooby thing and it didn't beep, I went to collect my bag off the belt, and next thing I know someone is lifting up my skirt...apparently they are not familiar with Australian fashion and my only conclusion is that they thought I was hiding drugs or something, underneath a part of my skirt that was bunched together, so just don't wear anything too funky, next time you go to Thailand, if you don't want them to display your legs to the world.

Hmmmm I wonder how my court case went on Monday morning, that I was too busy to attend as it clashed with my facial. Can anyone find out how that went for me? It would be cool to know if I am can drive legally in NSW.

Guess I should go and start my life in Israel now. Will post my photos from the farewell up soon.


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